1. Initial consultation

Your designer will meet with you at your home to discuss your ideas for your new kitchen. You may have browsed through magazines and found some special features that you particularly like. The designer will explain about the various materials available and advise about suitability.

Your designer will measure up the space and contact you within a few days with a design concept.

If you are building a new home, you are invited to bring your floor plan to our showroom and we will start the project from there. It would be ideal if we could see your house plan before construction starts.

2. Design concept

We will invite you to our showroom to view the design. Our 3D imagery will help you visualise your new kitchen.

3. Quotation

The materials for your new kitchen are sourced from various suppliers so it may take a few days to prepare the pricing.

4. revisions if required

If we haven't nailed it the first time, we will make the necessary changes. With our complimentary design and quotation we offer one revision free of charge. If further revisions are required our charge-out rate of $250.00 will apply. This charge will not apply of you have given us the go-ahead for the project.

5. design & cost sign off

We have done it! You are all happy with what we have done so far and are excited to see it all happen. Now we ask you to sign the plans off for your approval so your kitchen can be put into production. At this stage we require a deposit of 40% of the kitchen value.

6. production

Now we order all the various parts for your kitchen. Cabinetry, hardware, bench tops, splash backs etc. And we discuss the date for installation.

7. delivery and installation

On the day of delivery of your kitchen, our installer will arrive at approx. 7.30 a.m. to start setting up. Installation time will vary, depending on size and complexity. An average installation takes about 2 days.

Prior to the delivery we will send you our invoice, and a 50% payment is now required.

If you have selected a granite or engineered stone bench top, a template must be made to ensure a correct fit. Templating will be done 1-2 days after the kitchen cabinets have been installed. Your bench top will be installed approximately 10-15 working days after the cabinets. Other bench top types may also require templating, depending on their complexity and the room dimensions. Please discuss this with your designer.

When the installation is complete the remaining 10% is due.

8. tips for preparing your kitchen surfaces

Our installers are professionals who take pride in their work and all due care whilst installing your kitchen. Please be aware that they will be moving and installing large, heavy cabinets. Whilst all care is taken, some minor marking on walls can occur. For this reason we recommend that any finishing of walls etc. be done after the kitchen installation.

For timber floors, we advise to have the floor sanded and the sealing coats applied prior to the kitchen installation, but to leave the application of the final polyurethane coat until after the kitchen installation is completed.
Houseplants may be affected by the application of flooring finishes. We advise you discuss this with your flooring applicator to avoid any damage. Foodstuffs kept in the refrigerator and freezer can also be affected by flooring finishes. Please discuss this possibility with your flooring applicator and, if necessary, move the appliances well away from the affected room.