"it'S OUR attention to the little things that makes YOUR pridex kitchen, a kitchen YOU'LL BE proud OF"

Since 1998 Pridex Kitchens Wellington have designed, delivered and installed over 2000 quality kitchens throughout the Wellington area and beyond.

Owner and founder Mike Lynch inspects the plans of every kitchen that is designed by our team and it is this personal attention to detail that makes our customers proud to own a Pridex kitchen. A trained Industrial Designer, Mike has during his long career acquired the incredible design and product knowledge that has made him the "go to" person for all manner of problem solving.

Mike and his team are well aware of the "quirkiness" of many Wellington homes. Every home and therefore every kitchen we produce is as unique as you are.

What changes would you like to make? A place to hang around with the kids when they come home from school? A place to store your entire collection of cook books and gadgets? Dinner parties with family and friends around that old rimu table? Or just a place to sit with a cup of coffee and the newspaper? How would a new kitchen  improve your life?

Give us a call and we'll find the answers.

The Pridex team: