A deposit of 40% is required on confirmation of order. Payment may be made by credit card or online banking with your name and reference number.

Note: we do accept payment by credit card but an additional fee of 2.0% will apply.

Payment of your deposit allows Pridex Kitchens to prepare drawings and documentation required for the manufacture of your new kitchen. Once your kitchen is signed off for production, we will supply you with copies of your kitchen plans and specifications for you and other trades.

When manufacture is complete a further payment of 50% of the sale is now required seven (7) working days prior to the confirmed delivery date of your kitchen. Any extras ordered after signing of contract will be payable with this second payment.

Where payment is not made on or before the due date, we reserve the right to deliver your kitchen AFTER this payment has been received or at a time convenient to our delivery schedule.

On completion of installation the outstanding 10% balance will be due within seven (7) days.

If you request an alternative installation date, Pridex Kitchens will make every effort to accommodate your request. In the event that this cannot be done we will provide an installation date as close to the requested date as we can. In the event of such a request, payment of the 50% amount remains due seven (7) days prior to the original installation date.

The items listed and quoted may not always be an exact match to the items displayed in our showroom. If you have any doubts please ask your design consultant for clarification. Acceptance of quote is deemed to be acceptance of the items as specified and no alternative item will be provided except in cases of non-availability by the supplier where a similar or better alternative will be provided at no extra charge, after consultation with you.

Installation of toe kicks will usually be done at the time of your kitchen installation. Should you require us to return to site at a later date to install your toe kick, it will be done at a time convenient to our installation schedule.

Please note that the 10% final payment will be due within 7 days of practical completion i.e. the final payment cannot be withheld if we cannot fit the toe kicks.

If you have selected a granite or engineered stone bench top, a template must be made to ensure a correct fit. Templating will generally be done 1-2 working days after the kitchen cabinets have been installed. Your bench top will be installed approximately 10-15 working days after the cabinets. Other bench top types may also require templating depending on their complexity and the room dimensions. Please discuss this with your designer.

Please note that all building, plumbing and electrical work is at your cost and not included in our quotation.

Pridex Kitchens can arrange for all building, plumbing and electrical work associated with the removal of your existing kitchen and the installation of your new kitchen. Please discuss this with your designer.

Pridex Kitchens can arrange your glass splash back. Please discuss this with your designer. Splash backs need to be templated to ensure correct fit. Templating will only be done after the cabinets and bench top have been installed.

Ownership of all goods is retained by Pridex Kitchens until full payment is made for the goods supplied by the company to the customer.

Pridex Kitchens reserves the right to recover possession of all goods not paid for in full. Late payment may incur collection costs and expenses in recovery.
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