All the products we use in the manufacture of our kitchens have been sourced with the view of giving long life, exceptional quality and consistent performance. All other outsourced items, including accessories, are covered by their specific guarantees detailed below.


All Pridex Kitchens cabinetry is guaranteed for 10 years from installation provided it has been installed by a Pridex Kitchens installer.


Bench Tops

All bench tops supplied through Pridex Kitchens carry the guarantee of the individual manufacturers.



All outsourced hardware such as hinges, runners and other moving parts are backed by the warranty of the provider. Pridex use Blum and Hafele hardware.



If Pridex is contracted to install your kitchen, this installation will be performed in accordance with the best trade practice by authorized Pridex installation tradesmen.



Pridex can assist with your appliance purchase, however all warranties are held with appliance provider.


Exclusions from Guarantee

Any damage caused by misuse, water damage, neglect, shipping (except for delivery by Pridex), accident or normal wear and tear are excluded from guarantee, as are any products not fully paid for.

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