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Seamless and perfect in shape.


Until now the edging of boards could only be carried out through the application of hot-melt adhesives - to the board or edge. This resulted in a range of disadvantages:

· Appearance: A noticeable glue joint as a visible flaw (yellowing becoming dirty).
· Quality: The resistance to heat and moisture is determined by the quality of the adhesive.
· Production process: Increased effort for maintaining/cleaning and preparing the units for production.

Lazer Edge is an innovative adhesive-free laser edging technology.
This new, two-layer edgeband, is composed of two layers, the decorative layer and the functional layer. The functional layer on the reverse of the edge band consists of a special polymer which is melted on during processing.

Offered in proprietary PP, ABS or PMMA polymer formulations, replaces commonly used edging solutions for all machine technologies currently on the market.

Lazer Edge is applied using a highly efficient laser or hot air technology that melts a colour-matched functional layer on the reverse side of the edge band and welds it to the substrate.

No adhesive: Innovative laser bonding process makes it possible to completely do away with adhesive.
No seam: Laser bonding creates a permanently invisible and functional bond.
No problem: Processing, quality and design have been optimised significantly.

Our suppliers are the first in the lower North Island to install a machine capable of doing Lazer Edge/hot air technology, this is the latest trend to hit the kitchen design market making us a leader in the field. Now through the use of Lazer technology we can create a completely adhesive free bond between the board and the Lazer Edge.

Result: A permanent and seamless bond is created.
+ Permanent and functional invisible joint
+ Increased heat resistance
+ Improved moisture resistance
+ More hygienic edge


What Our Clients Say

What we liked best about Pridex was the exceptional level of service we received. Mike was wonderful and gave us all the assistance we needed, nothing seemed too hard!

Emily S., Eastbourne

What we liked best about Pridex was that we were dealing with the same person from initial phone call to design completion.

Glenn & Kathryn C,, Newlands

We loved your practical, but stylish ideas, fantastic communication, reasonable pricing, and attention to detail.

Josh M., Oriental Bay

Brilliant service, great design to meet our needs, and the end product is fabulous!

Jackie & Matt H. , Upper Hutt

We moved into our new home just over 3 weeks ago and wanted to let you know how delighted we are with the kitchen configuration. It works for us very, very well and your advice and detail to the planning of this has been the point of difference. So a big thank you!

Gary S., Whitby