Tash Hind - swimming update

April 16, 2014 at 4:52 PM

Wow what an exciting trials last week in Auckland.
It was a tough competition for places on the Commonwealth Games team for
Glasgow. This time around, the qualifying criteria was even harder than the
Olympic standard.
It was a bit of a journey into the unknown for myself, as instead of the usual
12 months preparation I was restricted to six months after a shoulder
operation last year. However, it all went better than I could have hoped for
and I was pleased to be named in the Commonwealth Games team. On top of
that I came away with two national titles in the Individual Medley events
(200IM and 400IM). So it looks like I will have a busy schedule in Glasgow.
The trials were covered live by Sky Sports, but as we were busy swimming I
only caught up with some of the highlights this week. I was also interviewed
on TV One news after qualifying and it was good to see swimming getting
some significant media coverage.

Big season
With the preparation for the Games starting next month it is going to be
a busy season. I have the Oceania Championships in May, off to Glasgow in
July, the Pan Pacific Championships in August and then hopefully over to
France to compete for New Zealand in the World Surf Life Saving
Championship in September.
Its great to have so many challenges ahead and I am already back in the
pool excited to start my next stage of preparation.

Reliance on support
Despite being an AquaBlack for the next 12 months it does not appear there
is any funding available to help with living expenses. The cost of travel is
covered by NZOC and Swimming NZ on the trips but we all have to keep
paying rent, insurance, etc whilst we are away.
That’s why I am so grateful for your continued support and assistance to focus on the tasks ahead. I doubt any prospective employer would be keen to hire someone who can only work a few hours a day and will be out of the country for months at a time.

If you do have any functions or events that I can help with please let me know and if available I am happy to attend.

Once again thank you for all your support,
regards, Tash