Another week, another earthquake

August 19, 2013 at 1:17 PM

Well, that was not really the kind of Friday afternoon we had expected! I was hanging on to my desk, trying to stay on my feet as the floor was rolling like the high seas! Daniela had run outside and was wondering what had become of me (in the end I just crawled under my desk). Mike, meanwhile, had just returned from his run. We later found out that he was just outside leaning against the wall for some warm-down stretches when the building started to move....... We told him not to lean so hard next time!

While our nerves were rather rattled, we are happy to report that apart from a few cracked windows (again!) there was no damage at Pridex Kitchens and we are back at our desks. Here is hoping that the experts might be wrong with their prediction of another large quake in the next week.